Gutti vankaya kura/Stuffed brinjal

yurekhas cookbook | May 01, 2014 |
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I learnt this recipe from my mother in law. Perfect taste of andhra cooking.


Brinjal-10small or 3 big (large size)
Onion- 2 big
Coconut-1 Cup grated
Coriander leaves-1/2 cup
Curry leaves-few
Garlic- 10 cloves
Garam masala-2 tsp
Green chilli-1
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Oil- 3 tbsp


1.Wash and clean the brinjal. Now take each brinjal and cut from the base end (opposite side of stem) and make a slit towards stem side but not all the way through i.e slit each brinjal into four sections lengthwise without cutting off the crown. The brinjals are ready for stuffing and the stuffing requires some patience…:)
2. Lets prepare the masala for stuffing: In a jar add chopped onions,grated coconut,coriander leaves,curry leaves,garlic,salt,chilli powder.green chilli,turmeric powder and garam masala. Grind as a paste.
3.Stuff the masala into the brinjal completely and allow it to marinade for 1 hour minimum.
4.In a bottomed kadai/pan heat the oil and add marinade brinjals. Stir continuously for 5 min and close the lid. Cook in medium flame for 40 min. In between stir the brinjal. Perfect gutti vankaya kura is ready to serve with sambar/pappu.


Don't add water. Close the lid and allow it to cook softly. Max cook for 40 min to get the perfect taste.

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