Capsicum pepper Rice

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Basmati Rice-2 cup
Capsicum-1 cup (Any color)
Onion-1 small sliced
Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp(optional)
Pepper-1 tbsp
Green chilli-4 slit
Garam masala-(bay leaf,patta,lavangam,sombu)
Butter-2 tbsp
Water- cups


1.In a cooker heat butter and add whole garam masala.Saute for a while
2.Add chopped onions and ginger garlic paste. Stir continuously. Now add green chilli,cubed capsicum,pepper powder and saute for a min.
3.Add soaked basmati rice,salt and water and close the lid. Cook in simmer for 20 min.
Serve with sauce/raitha. I served with Cabbage raitha.

Cabbage Raitha


Yogurt/curd-1/2 cup
Grated Cabbage/Cubed capsicum-1/2 cup
Onion-1/2 sliced
Green chilli-1 chopped
Cumin powder-pinch


1.In a pan add 1 tspn of oil and saute cabbage and capsicum for a min.
2.Take a bowl, add curd,cabbage & capsicum,Sliced raw onion ,green chilli and salt. Mix well.
3.Add pinch of cumin powder at the time of serving.

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