Capsicum Cheese Toast

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Bread slice-3
Capsicum-1/2 cup(any color)
Green chilli-1(Take all seeds and slit into many)
Cheese- 1/2 cup grated
salt- little
Pepper powder-1/2 tsp
Extra virgin olive oil-1 tsp


1.Toast the bread in sandwich maker and divide into two.
2.In a cup add grated cheese,chopped capsicum(i used all three colors),green chilli,salt,pepper powder and olive oil. Mix well.
3.In a baking tray/Microwave safe plate, arrange toasted bread and add the prepared mix on top as shown in pic. Just bake for 5 min in microwave owen and serve hot with tomato sauce.. Yummy its like cheese pizza. Believe me you will luv this


If u dont have sandwich maker just toast in dosa tawa by adding little oil/ghee.
Dont skip green chilli. But remove all seeds before use.


  1. Howdy, folks! This recipe is one of my favorite ones. I'm working on my essay now. As soon as I am ready with my work,I'll cook this toast!

  2. I'll cook it later. You know, it should be really yummy, but I lack ingredients for it.


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