Veg Biriyani

yurekhas cookbook | March 11, 2014 |


Basmati rice-2 cups(Soak for 1/2 hr)
Vegetables-1 cup(carrot,potato,beans,peas,cauliflower)
Green chilli-4 
Mint /pudhia- 1bunch
Biriyani masala-2 tp
Chilli powder-1 tp
Biriyani spices-patta,lavangam,elachi,anasi mogu,sombu
Fried Bread pieces-10
Food color
Curd-2 tp
Coriander leaves-small bunch
Oil-2 tbsp
Ghee-1 tbsp


1.Cook basmati rice 90% in hot water by adding elachi & few drops of oil.
2.Take a pan add oil and ghee then add biriyani spices,sliced onion,tomato,green chilli, ginger garlic paste and cook for few min.
2.Now add mint leaves and saute for a min. Then add chilli powder,biriyani masala,curd,salt and cook for 5 min.
3.In a electric rice cooker and start layering. First spread ghee at the bottom and layer the masala then add white rice again layer the masala then again white rice. Add coriander leaves at the top. Add food color and fried bread slices. Close and cook for 1/2 hr.
4.Mix the cooked rice and masala and serve.

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