Egg noodles

yurekhas cookbook | March 13, 2014 |


Noodles-1 cup
Spring onion-5
Green Chilli-2(Slit)
Capsicum-1/2 Cup
Cabbage-1/4 cup
Finely chopped garlic-1 tp
Sweet Tomato sauce-1/2 tpsp
Soya sauce-1/4 tbsp
Olive oil-1tp


1.Cook noodles by adding 1/2 salt in boiled water for 10 min. Drain the excess water and add few drops of oil and keep aside.
2.In a pan add oil,garlic, spring onion,Green chilli,capsicum,cabbage and sort for a while.
3.Now add one egg,salt and stir for a min.
4.Add soya sauce,tomato sauce and last add cooked noodles.Garnish with spring onions and serve.

Note: To avoid sticky noodles we are adding few drops of oil after draining water from noodles.
         You can also add chicken 65 pieces at last. Chicken noodles.
         Serve with sweet tomato sauce.

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